Construction Management

Today’s construction market hides numerous challenges in undertaking a project and bringing it to a successful completion. Furthermore, when a project features multiple providers of goods and services, unforeseen impediments may appear along the way. Opting for experienced construction manager on your project can eliminate those obstacles and maximize your project’s potential for success.

As Construction Managers, DMC Dubas Management & Construction Inc. (DMC), specializes in planning and coordinating the entire construction process – from design development to project close-out. We involve ourselves in projects at an early stage, assisting and providing guidance to our clients in establishing a realistic project budget and schedule. While delivering a project, we provide expertise in the areas of cost estimating, scheduling, value engineering, procurement, construction coordination and supervision, cost and quality control. At all times we promote and protect the interests of our clients, and our primary goals are:

At DMC we offer an open-book, team oriented construction management approach to project delivery. This method allows our clients to maintain a high degree of input and control in the project. This approach removes the adversarial relationship that traditionally exists between the client and the general contractor and replaces it with a cooperative relationship that includes the client, the design team and the construction manager. To us, the building of this relationship is as important as the building of the project.

Choosing DMC as Construction Managers for your project guarantees this project to be completed on time, within the proposed budget and to the required quality standards.