Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) is a systematic and function-based approach to improving the value of products, projects, or processes.

At DMC, we analyse cost savings, risk reduction, schedule improvements, improved designs and better collaboration between stakeholders in the project.

DMC focuses on delivering the products and services at the best price by incorporating VE’s characteristics which are most important for our customer.

Construction Audits

Whether building a new office, improving real estate portfolios, or refurbishing and modernizing existing property, construction projects can present significant risks for an organization.

At DMC we provide construction audit to ensure that construction contracts are properly prepared, delivered within the agreed budget and timeline and that there are no mysterious charges on the final bill.

Some of the benefits of DMC construction audit services include:

Litigation Support

DMC provides expert witness services for litigation cases which includes but is not limited to preparation of expert reports and technical support for mediation, arbitration and litigation at the court.